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I Am Not a Writer

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Peace Family,

I am not much of a writer, though people tend to enjoy what I write. As a self proclaimed "professional conversationalist" I'd much rather just speak, create sounds, or capture images to convey my thoughts. Warning: IDGAF about editing! Sorry, not sorry. All y'all grammar nazis out there, I said what I said. Maybe one day when I'm rich I will GAF, but tuh-day, we just gonna roll with it m'kay.

Sometimes I just prefer to write how I speak and that can range from formal English to African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) depending on my mood and setting. I will try my best not to be egregious with the errors, but like I stated earlier, I am not much of a writer. I am always taken aback when people tell me that I should write a book. My thoughts are always just listen to my podcast, follow me on social media, catch my FB/IG lives, have a conversation with me and voila! There is your book boo! Writing doesn't particularly bring me peace or joy. I’m quite indifferent to the whole ordeal actually. My happy place doesn't reside in writing words. I loathed taking notes in school and I have to force myself to journal a measly one or two times a year. Facebook memories, however, are slowly changing my perspective on that. I often wake up eager to read my old posts. “What cool, long forgotten musing will Facebook memories unearth today”, I wonder? I’m humored, inspired, and sometimes embarrassed by old posts, but I still enjoy them all the same. Maybe there is something to this writing stuff. This blog may be the genesis to a new perspective on writing. Or, I will get bored and throw the whole blog away. Either way I'm excited to delve into something new. Feel free to contact me with blog ideas or to ask my perspective on things at Hell, ask me for advice like Dear Abby or some shit! I love doing that and I will keep it anonymous. Anyway, thank you all again for supporting my TiTi Talks podcast and following my antics on social media. Feel free to peruse my site,, and make yourself at home. If you really enjoy my content and want to see more from me, support me on patreon at! Any modicum of support is greatly appreciated.

~TiTi Talks~


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